Frequently Asked Questions

No glass bottles (with the exception of wine and Champagne)
No alcohol outside the wooden gates
No self service / must have a bartender (not a guest of the party)
Parties are limited to (1) signature cocktail and no shots
Renewable Farms can supply bartenders upon request (they will arrive 1 hour prior to event start time)

Amplified Noise
Must be shut off 30 minutes prior to event end time


Available for you to use and place wherever, just put back after. 

Flushable ADA compliant restroom (good for 100-120 guest) and a hand washing sink
- you are welcome to bring in additional restrooms, just bring your own connections to our water and power

Does not move
6’x3’ redwood bar (you must provide your own bartender or hire one of ours)
Your welcome to use our Large Fridge and Chest Freezer
- will be available to use the morning of your event

Cleanup Time
1 to 2 hours after end of event
Everything must be taken (unless otherwise specified)

Not allowed, even if its biodegradable

Dance Floor Size
17’x22’ (374 SqFt)
You are welcomed to bring in your own dance floor, but sound system must remain in designated spot.

a 50% deposit is required to reserve your date.  
The remaining balance is due 1 week prior to your event.
Email Renewable Farms 1 week after your event to let us know how to refund your cleanup deposit

Totally allowed, just be aware that Disneyland puts a GPS block on the area causing many drones to not function properly.

Event End Time
(unless otherwise stated)
Saturdays - optional 8pm and 10pm
Sundays - 8pm

Event Setup Time
(unless otherwise stated)
Weddings - 10am
Private Parties - 2 hours prior to event start time

Fridge and Freezer
Available upon request
You bring your own ice

Farm hours for visiting
Monday: 9am - 2pm
Wednesday: 9am - 2pm
Friday: last 4 hours of day light, but not past 7pm
Every other Saturdays 10am - 12pm (please email first to make sure we are available)

Guest Count / Seating Capacity
Max seating provided - 150
Max Guest Capacity - 150

Propane heaters are permissible
(no open flames / no electric heaters)

Liability Insurance not needed
Food Vendors need to show proof of insurance (minimum 1 million dollar policy) 

Next Day Clean Up / Pickup
Additional $200 to come the next day to clean up
Additional $100 to come the next day for Vendor Pickup
Must inquire before event (not during)

Not Allowed
Glass bottle (with the exception of wine and Champagne) vases and votives are ok
Bounce houses, Open flames (must be encased in glass)

Parking Lot
80 spots (may vary)
cars may stay parked overnight and be picked up on the following business day

20' x 12' covered
Feel free to attach whatever you'd like, just no making new holes, use string.  

We provide a cover for the dining area between palm trees.
You are welcome to bring in your own tents.
If weather is too bad, we can switch your date to the next available.

Rental Pickup
Next business day during operational hours.

For Saturday Weddings, you have the Friday evening before to set up and rehearse.
For Sunday Weddings, we usually do rehearsals on Thursday evening.
Typical rehearsal times are last 4 hours of daylight until sunset.
You are welcome to set up tables and decorate during that time.  
no food or drinks (unless otherwise specified)

Send Off
Must be done within our gates and no later than your event end time.

Set up
Weddings - 10am (unless otherwise specified)
Private Parties - 2 hours prior to your event time

Sound / Sound System
(2) Yamaha XDR12 Speakers and Chorded Mic
DJ must use our speakers for music
No live musicians during Reception
Ceremony may have a limited live musical performance
Ceremony sound system (1) Yamaha XDR8 Speaker and Chorded Mic
Ceremony and Dance Floor Speakers are linked together

You are welcome to store and lock your belongings in our lath house located near the dance floor.  

Outside the front gate only, not allowed in the alley.

(15) 8’x3’ wooden tables with (30) benches (seats 4 to 5 per bench)
(1) 6’x3’ wooden table
(1) 4’ square tables with 4 chairs
(1) 4'x3' Sweetheart table (no chairs)
We will clean them off the morning of the event
No making holes in the tables - Use tape
It is your responsibility to set up and move Tables and benches
all furniture must be put back to original position after your event
Staff does not help move furniture.  

We provide ladders and stools for set up and tear down

Trash Cans
We provide (4) 50 gallon metal cans
We have a large dumpster on site to dispose of bags after event.  
Please bring extra 55 gallon trash bags for clean up

What to Bring
55 gallon trash bags, ice