Frequently Asked Questions

no glass bottles (with the exception of wine and Champagne)
no alcohol outside the wooden gate
No self service / must have a bartender (not a guest of the party)
Renewable Farms can supply bartenders upon request

Available for you to use and place wherever, just put back after. 

Flushable ADA compliant restroom (good for 100-120 guest) and a hand washing sink
- you are welcome to bring in additional restrooms.  

Does not move
6’x3’ redwood bar (you must provide your own bartender or hire one of ours)
Vines will be cleared out of the way

Available if you need it, will be moved if you don’t.  

Cleanup Time
1 hour after end of event
Everything must be taken (unless otherwise specified)

Dance Floor Size
17’x22’ (374 SqFt)

Event End Time
(unless otherwise stated)
Friday and Saturday 10pm, music off by 9:30pm
Sunday - Thursday 8pm, music off by 7:30pm

Event Setup Time
(unless otherwise stated)
Weddings - 10am
Private Parties - 2 hours prior to event start time

Fridge and Freezer
Available upon request
You bring your own ice

Farm hours for visiting
Monday 9 -1
Tuesday 1 - 5
Wednesday 9 - 1
Thursday 12 - 4
Friday 3 - 7 (Sometimes)
Saturdays 10 - 2 (Sometimes)

Guest Count / Seating Capacity
Max standing capacity - 250
Max seating provided - 150

Propane heaters are permissible (no open flames / no electric heaters)

Not needed, we have a 4 million dollar policy

Next Day Clean Up
Additional $200 to come the next day to clean up - Must inquire before event (not during)

Not Allowed
Glass bottle (with the exception of wine and Champagne) vases and votives are ok
Bounce houses, Open flames (must be encased in glass)

Parking Lot
75 spots (may vary)

Feel free to attach whatever you'd like, just no making new holes in the wood without our staff to help.  

Rental Pickup
Next business day during operational hours.  

You have 2 hours at the farm. 
You are welcome to set up tables and decorate during that time.  
additional time is $150 per hour. 

Sound System
(2) Yamaha XDR12 Speakers and Chorded Mic
DJ must use our speakers for music

You are welcome to store and lock your belongings in our lath house located near the dance floor.  

Outside the front gate only, not allowed in the alley.

(14) 8’x3’ wooden tables with benches (seats 4 to 5 per bench)
(1) 6’x3’ wooden table
(2) 4’ round tables with chairs
(1) Sweetheart table (no chairs)
We will clean them off the morning of the event
No making holes in the tables - Use tape
It is your responsibility to set up and move Tables (and benches)
all furniture must be put back to original position after your event.
Staff does not help move furniture.  

Trash Cans
We provide (3) 50 gallon metal cans
We have a large dumpster on site to dispose of bags after event.  

Wedding Rehearsal
(2 hours, usually the day before your event)
Use this time to relocate tables to desired location.  
$150 to add an extra hour and have dinner on site.

What to Bring
Toilet paper, paper towels, 50 gallon trash bags, ice