Private Events

Thanks for your interest in The Riverbed Farm.  Hosting events allows us to give 100’s of pounds of fresh produce away to hungry families throughout Anaheim, so we appreciate you wanting to work with us.  

Private Parties pricing may vary depending on your specific event, but our general pricing is $300 per hour with a 4 hour minimum.  Due to the high volume of weekend weddings we do here at the farm, private parties are limited to an end time of 8pm.  

This price includes 2 free hours to set up prior to the event and 1 hour to clean up after.  Also included is our Sound Systems, Bathroom, Dance Floor, and free Tables and Benches for seating up to 150 guest.  

You are welcome to bring in your own food and alcohol or hire your own caterers.  We also have a great list of preferred vendors on our webpage we would love to recommended.
(you’re not required to use any of our vendors) 


Tours are available:

Thursday from 12pm to 6pm and Saturdays from 10am to 2pm
Please let us know when you’d like to set your appointment

If you'd like to just stroll through the farm on your own, our operating hours are:
Mondays: 9 - 1
Wednesdays: 9 - 1
Fridays: last 4 hours of daylight, but not past 7pm.