I spent much of my twenties traveling around the world and seeing how other cultures lived outside of the Unites states.  To my dismay, I was shocked to see what immense amounts of corruption and poverty existed outside the wholesome beach town I was brought up in.  My world view and perspective on life had immediately changed, I had no idea how fortunate I was to be brought up in such a safe, peaceful, and beautiful place.  I saw how many people in other parts of the world struggled to do the simple things I took for granted like feeding their families, putting their children in school, or even drinking clean water.  It was unfair and I wanted to help.  My buddies and I decided our travels would now have a purpose, and we began getting to know the communities we were visiting and learning their needs.  We then started inviting other to join us on our trips, and before we knew it, we were leading philanthropic eco-tourism groups across the world.  

One of the most heartbreaking problems I saw in my travels, was the overwhelming amount of malnourishment and starvation that existed in these communities.  Growing up in a place where a giant burrito was never more then a stones throw away, this issue of food scarcity would be my new vocation, and I decided to become a farmer.  My mission was simple - If I could learn how to grow food, I could teach other to do so wherever I went.  This new passion of mine became a full time job as I found myself bouncing all over the place eager to share the agricultural gospel.  

I spent years learning everything I could and building farms wherever I can.  Some 5 years into my journey, assessing the sustainability and impact I was making in my efforts, I came up with a new idea.  There was only one of me building and teaching, what if had my own farm where I can train others to go out do what I was doing.  The mayor of Anaheim at the time had commented on a picture of a farm I had built for the Salvation Army, and I used the opportunity to introduce myself and share this new proposition I had.  The city loved the idea of creating an urban metropolis in the heart of their town.  A place that fed, educated, and brought life into the community it was nestled in.  In 2014 Renewable Farms and the city of Anaheim signed a contract to build Orange County's first Community Urban Mega Farm.  The good people at a local business called Control Air got word of this new venture, and decided they wanted to contribute financially.  I was (and still am) exalted with joy that the pieces of my dreams puzzle all came together so harmoniously.  Through blood, sweat, and tears, the farm was built in about 6 month, and the Riverbed was born.  

- Aaron


Renewable Farms is a 501c3 non profit organization, and our mission statement is to enhance communities through events, agriculture, and education.  There are 2 parts to our organization, on the farm and off the farm.  Outside of the farm, we provide consulting for schools, hospitals, and even home owners on responsible agricultural practices.  Regardless of how much land or resources they may have, we love teaching others how to implement life giving systems in their spaces.  Within the farm, we educate and mentor school children, provide internship opportunities for college students, job training, educational workshops, event space, special needs programs, and tons of free food for local families.  Both on and of the farm, we are also honored to provide jobs for vets, those coming out of incarceration, and anyone who's hit a rough patch and is willing to try again and get back on their feet.

 If you want to learn more or partner up with us, please drop us an email anytime.  Thanks